Plant based eating - what's all the fuss about?

You may have heard the term ‘plant based’ being used quite frequently nowadays - whether it be in someone’s social media post, a cookbook, or in the news, more and more people are turning towards incorporating more plants into their diets… and it’s for a very good reason indeed.

Recipe - Curried Cauliflower Soup

This curried cauliflower soup ticks all of those ‘comfort food’ boxes – it is hearty, thick, creamy, smells divine and the spices give us that extra kick of heat that our bodies so desperately want in the winter months.

Stretch it out - a simple guide to releasing tension after your run/workout

If you're partaking in this weekends HBF Run (or doing any other form of strenuous exercise for that matter), you should always ensure that you are giving your muscles a proper stretch afterwards.

Our Top 3 'Must Do's' When Moving Your Body More

Have you just started on a new fitness routine? Here are our top 3 take aways on nurturing your body when moving more.