Spiced Up Watermelon Jerky

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A sweet, clean treat made with 100% real watermelon and nothing artificial!

Slowly dehydrated at 60 degrees for 18 hours with a dash of lime and a hint of spice, our Watermelon Jerky is a healthy pre and post cleanse snack to enjoy, guilt free.


Watermelon, lime juice, cayenne pepper

Why Watermelon?

Watermelon is a superfruit that’s abundant in body-loving nutrients. It contains 70% of your daily Vit A and 80% of your daily Vit C requirement to keep your skin soft, youthful and bright. These vitamins also make Watermelon a potent immunity booster to keep you healthy, strong and vibrant.

What makes our Jerky the best:

We kept it simple and the result is a chewy, uplifting, irresistible snack that you can feel good about eating. Each piece is loaded with fibre for optimal digestion, vitamins A + C for immunity and potassium for a skin brightening glow.

Our recipe is proof that you don’t need artificial colours, flavours or an excess of processed sugar to make something completely delicious.